Kent Physio FAQs

Q. How much does physiotherapy cost?
A. The initial assessment will last up to 45 minutes and is £45, the sub sequential follow-ups last 30 minutes and are £35.

Q. What happens at the first appointment?
A. We will ask you to fill in a registration form which includes personal and medical details. Then we will ask questions about the problem. After the questionnaire the body part in question will be examined to identify the problem at fault. We will explain to you in detail what the problem is and a treatment plan will be established and how long the recovery time will be.

Q. Will there be some treatment on the first visit?
A. Yes there will be together with a personal exercise program for you to do at home to maintain your progress.

Q. Do you do home visits?
A. Yes we do. These take normally about 40 minutes and cost £65.

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